Looking for a novel bachelor/bachelorette or birthday party idea? A unique team-building activity?

We have hosted virtual cocktail classes with participants not just in different cities but in different corners of the world at the same time. It makes for a memorable time and teaches a fun skill you can keep on using. 

What you get

  • 75 minute class

  • Learn about and produce cocktails in 2-3 different families

  • The confidence to replicate what you made and transfer those skills to other drinks

  • A booklet of cocktail families that demonstrates the plug and play nature of families

In advance of class

  • We will map out cocktail preferences and families to explore

  • Assemble a list of equipment and ingredients participants will need if they do not already own

What we strive for: creating an environment that is fun but also one where guests feel comfortable asking questions or for help. TMCP was founded on the basis of helping curious imbibers become more confident when making them at home. There are no dumb questions. Only those that are not asked. 


Ballpark per person estimate for a party of 8-12: $115

  • Note: this may be significantly less if attendees already have required equipment and spirits.

Increasing your cocktail confidence around drink making, tasting, and decoding bar menus