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What is "cocktail confidence"?

The Manhattan Cocktail Project is all about giving you, the imbiber, cocktail confidence. So what is that exactly? I find it best to start by talking about what lacking confidence around cocktails might look like

  • A cocktail sounds like a great idea but the thought of figuring out what ingredients you need, which recipe to follow and technique to create it feels a bit overwhelming

  • A friend, family member or colleague is at your place, eyes your bottle collection and asks if you’ll make them something. Your pulse quickens, “what can I make for them?"

  • You’re out at a bar and after perusing perusing the cocktail menu you feel more confused than comfortable due to an endless array of ingredients you don’t recognize. "Can I ask the bartender what this is without looking dumb?" Instead you order your usual or decide on a beer or glass of wine

  • You receive or make a drink and don’t mind it but something isn’t quite right but you’re not sure how to discern what is off and therefore, how to tweak it

The cocktail has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity over the past 25 years and while this is great news for the hospitality industry and a thirsty public, a majority of energy and focus falls on ingredients, recipes, technique and presentation but very little has gone towards making it more accessible to average patron. 

Our program is built on the premise of making this seemingly mysterious craft easier to understand, practice and engage with when out at an establishment. It will involve a couple things

  • Being taught a few recipes that are “the root” of almost every cocktail you’ll encounter

  • Learning to taste by comparing cocktails side-by-side

  • Experimenting in the making of them

  • Being introduced to a couple of pitfalls that can drag down the quality of a drink

There is plenty more to learn beyond this but our role is to give you a solid platform to experiment and jump from. Making a cocktail for a friend, loved one or even yourself is a generous and delicious act. 

Are you ready to strengthen your #CocktailConfidence?

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Increasing your cocktail confidence around drink making, tasting, and decoding bar menus

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