The best birthday gift ever

Back in 2010, a girlfriend had heard me go on and on about wanting to learn how to make cocktails. I had dabbled here and there but had no real idea what I was doing. When my birthday rolled around she surprised me with a copy of Gary Regan's Joy of Mixology and a private-bartending class with Matt Seiter, who at the time ran the bar program at Sanctuaria. It was a two or three-hour whirlwind but it opened my eyes and kicked off my own tinkering and entertaining. 

I've learned a lot over the years but it is largely due to relentless curiosity, messing drinks up before getting them right and beginning to pick up on patterns and formulas. I also owe so much to the patience and generosity of people like Tim Wiggins, Andy Foerstel and Melissa Pfeiffer. The amount of books and articles I have read is large and growing but I feel a particular need to recognize  Death & Co for both of their books, which have helped re-center me whenever I need it.

My goals for you with this program are two-fold

  • I want to help you understand the basic chemistry of drink making. When you know a few fundamental recipes, basic technique and learn how to taste, it all begins to fall into place

  • I want bar menus to feel more approachable and for you to feel confident asking your bartender a question

By focusing on the above items, you'll not only develop a confidence around making cocktails but find friends, family and colleagues seeking your guidance and asking if you'll make them something delicious. 


I have worked in a handful of industries over the course of my career among them healthcare, banking and with nonprofits. Cocktailing has been an interest of mine for more than a decade. I believe the cocktailing experience at home and the bar is frequently made more complicated than it needs to be. Too much energy and focus is given to the ingredients and outcomes rather than helping the curious drink maker and imbiber gain confidence with the task at-hand.

Increasing your cocktail confidence around drink making, tasting, and decoding bar menus