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Simplifying a delicious social craft


Spirit and cocktail options are exploding. With so much energy being dedicated to recipe and product creation, little is focused on helping patrons and home bartenders keep up. As a home bartender and cocktail enthusiast, I created The Manhattan Cocktail Project to help people like you find greater comfort with the basics by:

  1. Teaching you a few simple formulas that have inspired countless cocktails

  2. Allowing you to make these cocktails to gain confidence in your ability

  3. Allowing you to taste cocktails side-by-side, which is often done with wine and whiskey but rarely, if ever, with cocktails

This is the program I wish I had when my journey began in 2010. When you feel more confident ordering, tasting, making and conversing about your drink, your enjoyment (and hopefully exploration) will go up.


“You stated the goal of this class was to make me feel more confident making drinks at home. I can tell you I absolutely feel ready to take that on now.”

Amy G.

We are a private event company. Interested to have us at an upcoming birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party, team building event, holiday party or client event? Drop us a line.

Increasing your cocktail confidence around drink making, tasting, and decoding bar menus

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